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Best WordPress Plugin to Showcase Amazon Affiliate Links

The greatest WordPress plugin for managing Amazon affiliate links, building engaging displays, and gaining the trust of potential readers is Lasso (or GetLasso). This plugin offers possibilities to monetize broken links and automatically update product descriptions.

A WordPress plugin called GetLasso aids affiliate marketers in increasing click-through rates and streamlining affiliate link administration.

Today, I’ll discuss what GetLasso is, the useful features that come with it, the cost, and our overall impressions of this WordPress affiliate marketing plugin.

What’s the Lasso WordPress Plugin?

Let’s talk about Lasso first; a WordPress plugin called Lasso can let you make personalized displays for your affiliate products, cloak the links, and look for revenue-generating opportunities.

Additionally, it provides insightful data from Google Analytics so that it is simple to determine the interests of consumers.


Important: By applying custom CSS, Lasso may manage every link on your affiliate website and coordinate with its branding.

Have concerns about importing your affiliate URLs from another plugin? You don’t need to worry! Using the Import option, you can import all of your affiliate links from another plugin into Lasso’s system.

They assist other bloggers like me and generate more income across our entire website.

With Lasso, you can design user-friendly custom displays, mend your broken links, and discover new goods and services to share.

You may design unique displays for your affiliate products with the aid of Lasso, an all-in-one WordPress affiliate marketing plugin, such as the one below. Sample on our websites that uses Lasso.


Cost of the Lasso Plugin

The Lasso plugin costs $39 per month or $389 per year. In the long term, you’ll save $59 with the yearly plan.


The basic rule is that choosing longer terms will permanently decrease the price range.

Don’t be concerned about the cost because the Return on Investment (ROI) is consistently excellent. And remember that Lasso is reputed to offer Incredible affiliate tools at an affordable price.

These are the things that each plan entails.

Regarding the Monthly Plan

  • Free API for Amazon Data
  • Templates for compelling items
  • Extra options for affiliate marketing
  • Concerning the Annual Plan

Staging Permits

  • Customized displays completed for you
  • An additional 2 months at no cost
  • In the long term, you’ll save $59

Lasso allows content providers to trial their services for free for a staggering two weeks or 14 days at your convenience.

Tip: You can always use the free trial of the Lasso Plugin to build something meaningful on your website if you’re not quite ready to pay for it. After the free trial, your previously made links will still appear flawlessly, even if you decide not to subscribe. It indicates that Lasso does not destroy the product boxes after expiration. One thing you must always keep in mind is never to uninstall the plugin.

Alright, now that we know what Lasso is and the pricing, let’s talk about the good features that Lasso provides.

Feature of a Lasso

GetLasso plugin features provided assistance to affiliate marketers in efficiently managing their links.

Product displays, affiliate link possibilities, a dashboard, Amazon integration, click tracking, and link health are some features.

Let’s review each feature of Lasso and see how it can subtly produce links that convert.

Displays for Products

It has been proven through A/B testing that Lasso’s product display boxes enhance click-through rates for your affiliate links. You can customize the boxes to display images and descriptions of the product’s features and benefits.

These displays can be combined with Lasso’s affiliate link chances to provide attractive and effective links driving conversions.

You could make:

  • Solo displays
  • Grid Indicators
  • List Displays That Crush SEO

 It is easy to glance at, given that you can add your brand’s colors.

Note: Adding the shortcode URL to your website may add product boxes to any theme builder.

Additionally, you can select “Brag Mode,” which enables you to advertise Lasso’s affiliate program and add an affiliation disclosure to each display.

Opportunities for Links

Lasso simplifies converting any link or keyword into an affiliate link without manually editing every article.

Once you click “monetize” to build your new money-making text links, Lasso will uncover keywords you can use to increase your revenue.

Important: Using this function will assist you in expanding your network of affiliate links for specialty websites.

Lasso will also allow you to join their affiliate network and start earning money right now if a term in your content references an affiliate marketing program.

Dashboard for Lasso

The dashboard allows you to manage affiliate links, gather all your significant connections in one location, and receive alerts when a link requires your attention.

Whether you run massive affiliate networks or just a straightforward WordPress website is ideal.

Keep in mind that Lasso’s dashboard saves time by automating the process of discovering new opportunities, showing them in lovely product boxes, and providing insightful information about your affiliate links.

So you can stop using any other affiliate link management plugin.

Featuring Amazon Integration

The amazing thing about Lasso is that you can copy and paste your Amazon affiliate links into GetLasso without needing API credits. It will automatically generate product boxes for you.


Additionally, you can directly access product details on Amazon. This information is updated when the product is out of stock or no longer exists.

It is helpful to simplify updating any review post on your site as you won’t have to worry about updating the Amazon links in each post.

By integrating with Amazon’s OneLink affiliate functionality, Lasso provides the greatest option for affiliate marketers.

Anytime visitors to your site click on an Amazon affiliate link, they are instantly redirected to the appropriate region for their nation.

There is no additional charge for this. Very good deal, huh?

Create unique URLs using Link Cloaking

Link cloaking is hiding a URL by implementing a URL redirection. Not only does this hide the URL, but it also gives it more credibility.

Ironically, because of how reliable and effective the technology is, there has been a significant increase in the number of cloaked connections in recent years.

Users of GetLasso can now customize a single URL format for their Affiliations. You must do it once if you wish to update or make changes, and you can make the URL distinctive enough if you want to play about it.

You can modify these URLs to function well across all social media platforms. You may also make shareable links for your podcast, emails, and other content.

Suppose you don’t want the same URL to appear wherever you can choose any links that need to be shortened using Lasso’s fantastic ability. Certain affiliate sites do not provide compliance for hidden links, so this is useful.

Link grouping can help you organize your affiliate links.

Organizing your links may not be a top priority, but assume you participate in dozens of Affiliate Programs. Then, you’ll consider it important.

You can arrange your connections according to the groups or categories of the relevant products, but you’ll also need to choose whether to put the link in a grid or a list format.

You may quickly find each link in this approach by navigating the groupings or categories.

Choosing the link with the finest performance is undoubtedly the best way to boost click-through rates (CTRs).

Tracking Clicks

Click tracking is one of GetLasso’s fantastic features. By connecting to Google Analytics, you can check how many clicks each Lasso display link generates.

It is incredibly useful information since it lets you see which goods are getting the most clicks and gives you a sense of the material that connects with your audience the strongest.

Recognizing where we should concentrate our efforts as we expand our internet enterprises is critical, and that is what click tracking can accomplish for you.

Easily import and export your links.

I’m interested in reading your annotations in the section below. Also, please think about telling your friends about it; I think they’ll find it valuable.

You can use Lasso to import links even if you already use another Affiliate WordPress plugin because it offers choices for that.

In less than 5 minutes, Lasso can import your existing links from some of the most well-liked WordPress affiliate marketing plugins, like Thirsty Affiliates, Pretty Links AAWP, and even naked URLs.

Furthermore, GetLasso offers the same export option as the Import function does. All of your links can be exported easily to your old plugin in the interim, where they will continue to work normally.

Benefit from broken links

Even though you’re an experienced affiliate marketer and have made savvy affiliate marketing efforts, there’s still a chance that some of your links will no longer work or are out of stock. The Lasso Plugin is useful in this situation.

GetLasso works tirelessly to identify broken links on your website and permanent fixes, which may theoretically eliminate the 10 hours of proofreading.

Lasso will let you know as soon as possible if, in the uncommon circumstance that it didn’t identify a definitive solution.

Manage all of your links from one place

Although maintaining Affiliate links has not always been simple, Lasso has made it quite simple. With the help of this fantastic plugin, users can now search for specific affiliate links organized according to their names, photos, groups, and frequency values.


When it comes to using Lasso, the features mentioned above are some of the ones that thrill us the most.

They also offer many other features that will make switching easy for us, such as link cloaking (making your affiliate link prettier and easier to remember). Additionally, if you need to maintain compliance, you can choose which affiliate links you want to conceal (such as with Amazon, where you cannot link cloak).

Any blogger who uses Lasso can increase their affiliate marketing income thanks to its numerous useful features.

For anyone wishing to enhance their affiliate marketing approach and delve deeper into a topic more than just link cloaking or shortening affiliate links, we think Lasso can be a helpful addition.

And if you find this article helpful or have any suggestions, feel free to reach us!

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