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Best Places to Buy Niche Websites & Online Businesses

Building blogs, authority, and niche websites have increased significantly over the past few years, and it has shown to be a fantastic strategy to make passive income. But don’t be fooled; creating authority or specialized websites takes a lot of time and work. Although it operates online, the company is still a business. It is, however, one of the finest ways to make passive money once you finally get it running.

If you have some extra cash to spend, you can choose to purchase an existing site rather than create one from scratch. Online business brokers can help with that.

What websites offer online businesses for sale? Online businesses are thriving and expanding too quickly, implying that there are now more options to purchase an online business than ever.

Purchasing a genuine business might be complicated and intimidating at first. Working with experts is frequently the best course of action, especially if it’s your first time and, more importantly, if it’s a costly site like a developing e-commerce business.

Purchasing a niche website is a fantastic method to make money from your investment. 

Online Business Types You Can Purchase

Are you looking to buy an online business? What kinds of business opportunities are there, do you know? We’ll do our best to address any inquiries you might have so that you can choose the best company.

Here are a few of the most popular categories of lucrative online businesses available for purchase on the websites listed below.

A website will typically offer several different revenue-generating options. For instance, it’s usual for an affiliate site to run advertisements, which the company model determines. However, one or more methods are typically the main source of funding.

  • Affiliate Websites – These online companies are incredibly well-liked. Affiliate websites frequently cater to a specific niche market and make money by linking to items that readers can buy in the content. When a sale is made, a commission is earned.
  • eCommerce – eCommerce is a big business that includes anything from Shopify sites to Amazon FBA. Essentially, this website acts as a storefront and fulfillment center for goods, and eCommerce is a component of certain affiliate websites.
  • SaaS – A SaaS company provides software as a service. Members pay a recurring membership charge to use a program or digital product.
  • Apps – The Apple and Google app stores each have tens of thousands of apps, some of which are for sale. Every topic imaginable is covered, and they might or might not be earning any money.
  • Advertising – One popular way to monetize specialized websites and other online domains is through advertising. This is frequently combined with affiliate marketing or online sales as income.
  • Lead Generation – assist other businesses in obtaining quality leads.
  • Subscription – SaaS goods aren’t the only forms of subscription services available. Only two examples are online classes and newsletters.

The Top Places to Purchase Niche Websites and Online Businesses


For those new to purchasing, remodeling, and reselling websites, Flippa is an excellent marketplace. This is so because Flippa has a wide selection of websites, priced from $1 to millions.

Flippa is an online marketplace that facilitates purchasing and selling mobile apps, domains, and websites. The website is made to assist website owners in selling their websites and the platform-based purchase of other people’s websites, domains, and mobile apps.

On Flippa, many domains, websites, and mobile applications can be bought using either a fixed-price listing or an auction model. Owners are free to put their website for sale and include all pertinent information, including their background in running websites. Websites are sorted and listed according to the category and market they serve.

You can buy and sell online assets on Flippa under three major categories. They consist of:

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Domains

The websites, domains, and apps listed in their “Collections” section have either been hand-picked by their employees or are arranged according to market popularity. The various websites, apps, and domains are segmented according to their niches and the websites for sale.

How Does Flippa Work?

Gaining the greatest benefit from Flippa requires an understanding of how it operates. You don’t buy or sell things straight through Flippa, and however, this website allows suppliers and buyers to communicate in a peer-to-peer marketplace. Anybody can bid on digital assets that businesses and individuals advertise for sale, either at a fixed price or in an auction.

There are three methods to do business in Flippa:

Building something from scratch and selling it: You work to promote a website and make it interesting to potential customers after the development stage. You can start selling your platform after reaching a certain traffic volume.

Buy and Hold: This strategy comprises buying a website and maintaining it for the following two to five years. As long as you own the site, it will keep making you money, and if you know how, you can expand it to make even more.

Flipping: Flipping is buying a website, holding it for a brief time, and then reselling it for a profit.

Pros and Cons


  • Apps, websites, domains, SaaSes, and digital companies are well-represented in the lists.
  • Owners and brokers can post listings.
  • Many specifics regarding the online asset, including verifiable traffic, financial information, SEO stats, etc.
  • Tools for buyer verification and a built-in NDA system.
  • Does not demand listing exclusivity.


  • Do your research because it’s a well-known marketplace where con artists hang together.
  • Because of listing prices, it’s quite expensive for sellers.
  • It can be challenging for purchasers to search through the listings.
  • You will handle the acquisition process yourself without much assistance from the Flippa staff.

What can you buy and sell?

Most listings on Flippa are for applications, domains, and websites that sell for less than $300,000. Flippa is your best option if you’re looking for properties within this price range. They don’t focus on any certain industry or technology, and they can be used for various things, including blogs, websites, eCommerce shops, Amazon FBA stores, apps, and SaaS products.


For the sellers, Flippa offers four premium plans ranging from $29 to $499. Here, the platform provides listing features and advertising. There is clear fixed-fee pricing for customers where Flippa receives a commission charge for each successful transaction between buyers and sellers. Flippa compensates 10% of the selling price up to $50,000. If the deal is worth more than $100,000, this will reduce the charge to 5%.


FlipWP is a secure marketplace where WordPress businesses can be bought and sold. They undoubtedly comprehend the WordPress environment to offer valuable opportunities. Customers pick them so they can receive emails with the greatest WordPress-related offers. There will be no intermediaries between them and the seller at that point. Sellers use FlipWP to find qualified buyers aware of the opportunity they are providing and their product. Everything needed to understand their business is available on their website.

FlipWP is a marketplace for anyone looking for everything related to the WordPress ecosystem, such as plugins, themes, marketplaces, SaaSes that cater to WP users, etc. This can be your best option to acquire or sell a WordPress business. There were 22 WordPress companies for sale when this study was written, and the ads’ prices ranged from $50,000 to $1.5 million.

Like MicroAquire, a buyer must purchase a $299 annual membership to view the companies’ names and other information.

Pros and Cons


  • For buyers and sellers who are serious, fees are fairly reasonable.
  • It is not necessary to list exclusively.
  • Access to listings that aren’t published elsewhere is possible.
  • There are no tire kickers; only members who have paid a membership fee can view the postings.


  • To view listing data as a buyer, you must pay a $299 annual membership fee.
  • The quantity of listings fluctuates.

What can you buy and sell?

Only the digital assets of the WordPress ecosystem—marketplaces, marketplace plugins, themes, API services, and SaaS applications—are the focus of FlipWP.


If the asking price is less than $20,000, the seller must pay a $99 listing charge; for listings up to $100,000, the fee is $199. You must contact them for a special offer if the proposed price is higher. Additionally, they demand a 1% success fee if the property sells using their platform.

Only a $299 yearly membership fee should be required from buyers to view listing details.


This marketplace anonymously links buyers and sellers. To complete the sale, you will contact the prospective buyer. The market focuses on SaaS and startups with ARRs under $500,000. Even though the market’s limited compared to Empire Flippers and Flippa, MicroAcquire provides just what you need.

Sellers can list for free on this site. However, consumers may subscribe to MicroAcquire Premium for as little as $390 per year if they want early access to bargains.

Entrepreneur and mentor Andrew Gazdecki is the creator of MicroAcquire. After selling his two businesses, he founded MicroAcquire, intending to make the process easier for other startup entrepreneurs.

Key Features:

Quick and easy selling procedure – Entrepreneurs can sell their businesses in three simple steps.

30-day closing period  – Complete a startup sale or acquisition in 30 days within the 30-day closing timeframe.

Filterable listings — Take charge of your search criteria for the ideal acquisition

Performance metrics and insights – Key success criteria to help buyers understand the viability of potential acquisitions are performance metrics and insights.

No Middlemen – Direct transaction between vendors and purchasers without the use of middlemen

Pros and Cons


  • There is no fee upfront to list a startup.
  • They will assist the vendors in developing engaging listings.
  • Both buyers and sellers will find it to be incredibly user-friendly.
  • Every time, there are more than 2000 postings available.


  • To view listing details, you must purchase a $390 yearly subscription.

What can you buy and sell?

With a sole focus on these types of businesses, the Micro Aquire marketplace is the finest place to purchase and sell SaaS, marketplace, and eCommerce enterprises.


MicroAquire requests neither listing fees nor commission payments. For novice sellers, this can be beneficial and inspiring. Everyone can list their websites on the platform, but their quality has been compromised.

You will get early access to the exclusive deals and discounts that vendors will present as VIP customers. A premium account for $390 a year in servicing fees can be opened.

Wrap Up

Niche websites are a fantastic investment. Whether you are buying, developing, and flipping properties for a significant profit or building a portfolio to hold for monthly passive income, this is true.

Every site purchased has a chance to be a genuinely spectacular investment due to careful due diligence and astute monetization.

Success in buying or selling a business depends on various variables, including the company’s size, annual revenue, marketing channels, branding, expansion, KPIs, and more.

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