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Do you need managed WordPress hosting for your small business?

Since your WordPress site is a valuable asset, you’ll want to take every precaution to keep it safe, effective, and under your control. It’s crucial to understand that managed WordPress hosting isn’t a panacea, even though it can be helpful in these aspects. In this post, we’ll go over managed WordPress hosting in detail, when to choose it, whether the extra cost is justified, and the factors you should consider before selecting a hosting provider.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is known for being a powerful and user-friendly blogging platform and website builder. ‘Easy’ is a relative term, though, as blogs and websites need ongoing administration. The platform is a flexible content management system (CMS) that is a dependable option for small and large enterprises and is perfect for everything from traditional business websites to eCommerce platforms. However, maintaining company blogs and websites for measurable performance requires time and money to engage staff in the related job.

Managed WordPress hosting makes it easy for beginners to use while maintaining the speed and security of your website. With managed WordPress hosting, you may delegate your website’s upkeep duties to your hosting company. “Managed” denotes that we’ll handle routine chores like caching, installations, upgrades, and daily backups.

It should be no surprise that many companies administer their websites passively. Hence, we manage all aspects of WordPress hosting’s use. Businesses benefit from the concierge, enterprise-level service that provides top-notch support and optimal website performance with managed WordPress hosting.

A shared hosting plan may start cheaper, but the price can increase with more services. The price of managed WordPress hosting can be higher than that of shared hosting, but is the service worthwhile? It is for many enterprises that value a quick website, uptime tracking, scalability, trustworthy security, and support know-how.

What are the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting?

Consider the advantages of a managed WordPress hosting plan before choosing a hosting strategy. Although the price is slightly higher, it offers convenience and gives business workers more time to concentrate on other elements of their jobs. We also thoroughly recommend Liquidweb hosting, WP engine, and our favorite, Cloudways hosting, which we currently use. We will also go through the numerous benefits of choosing managed WordPress hosting, which continue to convince companies to choose this concierge-style hosting.

Maximum Website Performance and Speed

A business website must have good website performance and speed. Without them, the website’s search engine optimization suffers, and all of its investment has a lower return. Better performance and faster loading times are key advantages of managed WordPress sites. The top managed WordPress services customize their offerings according to the themes and plugins users use on their websites or blogs; this level of personalization and careful optimization leads to increased performance and functionality.

Managed automatic updates

WordPress has long offered automatic updates as a feature. However, managed WordPress hosting may go one step further by immediately implementing security fixes to websites, just like they do with major WordPress version updates. WordPress hosting also ensures you have plenty of time to prepare; some hosting businesses will even warn you of such modifications before they occur.

Manual and automatic backups

Due to WordPress’s widespread use, specialized hosting can streamline, improve, and guarantee the backup process. Additionally, having the host create regular backups makes restoring your site simpler if something goes wrong (after all, a backup is useless if you can’t apply it yourself for whatever reason).

Because they are in the ideal position to comprehend the set structure of WordPress, it is possible to have your host create routine backups that are simple to employ.

Support Knowledge

Although the quality of the support you receive will vary from business to business, it is safe to say that the average managed WordPress hosting support staff will be significantly more knowledgeable about WordPress than the support staff of a regular non-specialist host. Again, since WordPress is a single system, any issues that may develop are much simpler to fix.

Staging with a single click

Most managed WordPress service providers offer a handy staging area for editing websites before they go live. Making modifications in a real-world setting can result in catastrophic errors and white screens of death. You can make adjustments or modifications with one-click staging using the provider’s straightforward plugin or staging tool before approving them for production. It lowers the possibility of errors or mishaps and enables organizations to test changes before implementation.

WordPress automatic setup

WordPress automatic setup is a function that makes launching a new WordPress site quick and easy. A full WordPress setup (including the required database connection, etc.) will automatically be generated whenever you need a new site. Complete a brief form with some admin and site information. Easy!

Heightened security

High-level security is a standard feature of managed WordPress hosting. Depending on the type of organization and the online data it retains, internet security is always a worry for businesses and frequently a top issue. A managed WordPress host reduces security concerns even though no security measures are perfect. Your chosen supplier might offer regular backups and have efficient servers that manage security plugins for customers.

Managed hosting can also intervene without delay if a website is compromised or requires immediate virus removal. It’s another factor that should be taken into account when selecting a hosting plan: professional support. A liability is a lack of superior security. The superior security offered by managed providers should not be disregarded when evaluating hosting options, especially if you want peace of mind knowing that you can get 24/7 support and rapid security assistance.

Downsides of Managed WordPress Hosting

Could there be any drawbacks with these awesome qualities and the good things we’ve discussed so far? There are always a few.

Only WordPress

Although I wouldn’t classify this as a drawback per se, it is nonetheless significant to mention. You cannot create any other kind of website with a managed WordPress host. Although you can technically run a Joomla site, we can almost promise that as soon as it is detected, they will pull down your website. Some of them provide you with more freedom than others.

Reduced adaptability

WordPress hosts, as we indicated above, have tougher regulations than their competitors, which results in better architecture that more than makeup for any drawbacks (in our opinion).

For instance, many managed WordPress hosts exclude specific plugins—usually for valid reasons. For instance, third-party caching plugins are frequently prohibited, as are many other plugins with a poor reputation, frequently due to security or performance issues. However, is this so bad? Nobody wants an unsafe plugin that uses up all of their site’s memory or resources.

If you really must utilize one of those forbidden plugins, it’s a deal-breaker.

A higher price

A high-quality managed WordPress hosting environment demands a lot of expertise, technology, and cash. Your websites are typically hosted on far more powerful equipment at a cost to the site owner. Although some affordable choices are available, you should generally spend no less than $30 per month.

There are less expensive plans available for really low-traffic sites, but most sites will need at least $30 per month.

How to determine whether managed WordPress hosting is necessary?

You already know the definition of managed WordPress hosting at this point; this means you may now decide if it’s the best option for your website.

Your money and needs are the two most important factors in this situation. You can choose a managed plan only if you have the money. Even if most solutions aren’t outrageously pricey, they require a bigger upfront commitment.

The next step is for you to decide if having your site handled for you sounds intriguing. To put it another way, you’ll probably fit into one of two categories:

  • Managed hosting can be a lifesaver if you are unfamiliar with WordPress, servers, and all the other technical aspects of maintaining a website. It can lead to a safer and more responsive website while saving you time and anxiety. Additionally, you’ll always have access to help when you need it.
  • On the other hand, unmanaged hosting is a preferable choice if you want to control important website decisions yourself. It’s an excellent choice for people with the technical know-how to manage their websites themselves and eager to pick up the skills over time.


The good thing is that you have many options if you require a hosting package for your website. On the other hand, this can make your choice a little more difficult. You need to choose what kind of package is best for you and your website and choose the proper supplier.

For instance, you might find yourself trying to define managed WordPress hosting when looking at plans. It turns out that the name of these plans makes clear what they are for: managing and maintaining your website on your behalf. Although managed WordPress hosting services aren’t right for everyone, they can save you a lot of time and relieve you of technical responsibilities you don’t feel confident handling.

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