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WordPress Set Up for Niche Website

One of the top Content Management Systems (CMS) available is WordPress. It’s quick, safe, configurable, and easy to use, which makes it a fantastic platform for launching specialized websites.

You should update your CMS frequently to provide the greatest and most secure experience for all users.

It is the most well-known platform for a reason—it is fantastic!

The current number of websites utilizing WordPress is about 75,000,000. Continue reading this post to learn how to create your first WordPress niche site if you want to be the next one.

What is a Niche Website?

Although it’s an excellent way to make money online, you can’t just start a random personal blog and expect the ad clicks to start. The focus of website owners who are truly successful in their business is on developing websites that cater to particular interests or “niches” that offer the potential for generating income.

These websites, which concentrate on specific topics, are not personal blogs. A specialty website might concentrate on a subject like dogs. Or it can go even more specific. Another example of a niche website is one on training dogs, labradors, poodles, or other more specialized subjects.

How to Build a Niche Website Using WordPress

Creating a niche website is a fantastic method to develop a passive income around a passion project. A niche site is generally a website that offers worthwhile and beneficial material about a particular area. A specialized website serves as a source of information for anyone interested in that area. Your specialty website can be profitable if it receives a large amount of traffic by using techniques like display advertising, affiliate marketing, or direct sales of your goods and services.

WordPress is the ideal platform for creating a specialized website since it streamlines the process and offers you complete control over it, even if you are starting. You can still create a specialized professional website even if you are completely code-illiterate. Sounds intriguing? Let’s get going.

Identify Potential Niches

Since creating a successful niche website is the main objective, you must develop a solid niche site concept.

Choosing a target niche is the first step in creating a successful specialty website. This only means to ask yourself what general area of interest you have or, even better, what might be a lucrative specialization.

Generally speaking, you should look for a niche subject in which you are somewhat interested, and it’s not required to feel “passionate” about it. However, maintaining some level of interest will keep you actively involved in the content development process and increase your chances of success.

Another goal is finding a topic on which you can write more than 100 articles.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you might write about, including gear, trails, and much more if hiking is your chosen specialization.

However, you are going too far if your chosen specialization is ferret hammocks, which are a thing. To continue writing about the finest ferret hammocks, you need to expand your specialized blog to something like ferrets. Or even begin by creating that category and expanding it to cover more ferret-related subjects.

You want to choose a niche where you can easily uncover many low-competition keywords and other instances of newer or smaller affiliate sites ranking in the search engines for these keywords. I’ll go into further detail below.

These websites operate as your “doppelgangers,” which is advantageous.

When planning for the future, you should also think about if you can create an authoritative website that could someday enable you to sell your products.

It’s fantastic to know that you have chosen a specialization that offers this possibility even though it’s unnecessary.

Choose A Superior Domain

The address people will use to find your specialized website is called a domain name. The success of your specialized website depends on the domain name you choose, so do it well. Generally speaking, a good domain name should relate to your niche and be brief, memorable, and easy to spell. Choose a.com extension for your domain name rather than another extension like.net. Additionally, it would help if you refrained from utilizing hyphens or digits in your domain name. Finally, the perfect domain name needs to make it clear to your website’s visitors what it is all about.

The most important component of your website is its domain name. Selecting a domain name that works for your company is essential since it has the power to make or break you.

But hold on, what makes your domain name so crucial?

You are making a “first impression.” The first thing your visitors will see is your URL. While a terrible domain name may drive away visitors, a good one can leave a favorable and long-lasting impression.

SEO is impacted. Using keywords in your domain name might still benefit your SEO rating even when exact match domains (EMDs) are no longer required.

It gives your brand a name. Your domain name is a branding opportunity we’ll discuss in a moment. The recognition of a brand might rise with the correct domain name.

These are just a few factors that make your domain name so crucial.

Purchase a domain and hosting

You can do nothing without a domain name; if you care about your business, you should look for one you can use to build a brand.

Domain names that can be branded are known as brandable domain names. That’s a fancy way of expressing that the target audience will recall the website’s name.

Imagine you want to develop a specialized website regarding the top hosting reviews. In the past, it was generally advised to use domain names that contained your keyword, such as www.besthostingreviews.com.

Because audiences didn’t like it, we know that Google no longer likes it. You won’t remember it. That much is certain.

However, if you get a domain like www.HostingGeek.com, you will have something that is both brandable and includes a keyword associated with your niche. People will return later to HostingGeek to recheck that information if they recall it.

These days, niche websites must resemble authority websites. A website primarily built around a few keywords is no longer effective, and Google ranks it because of the low visitor interaction.

You can build a brand around your specialized website by choosing a brandable domain name. You can develop social media pages, a killer logo to go with it, and everything else you require to be important.

Branding is important! You know what brand I’m referring to when I say “3 lines on Snickers.” When I mention the bitten apple or the A to Z line, it’s the same thing.

You want people to think of you and associate you with your brand rather than a dubious effort to win their business. And having a domain name that can be branded is the first step.

Integrate WordPress on Your Website

The next step is to install WordPress on your website after setting up your domain and hosting. This will enable you to create your specialized website using WordPress, the most well-liked CMS on the planet. Installing WordPress is easy. Sign into your hosting account, scroll down to the “Install WordPress” icon, and then follow the on-screen instructions to quickly and easily install WordPress.

WordPress is the simplest CMS to create a website; you can create any website with it. A simple design is provided to achieve this. You won’t waste time looking for a specific setting or function because they are already present.

Additionally, it would help if you weren’t concerned about your coding expertise or lack thereof. WordPress does not require you to write a single line of code unlike other CMS. Instead, all the work is done by the enormous library of plugins and themes.

WordPress is simple nowadays because most hosting companies provide Cpanel with installed Softaculous. That implies that the Cpanel interface simplifies installing WordPress or any other CMS.

Using the login information provided by your hosting provider, access your Cpanel account, go to the Softaculous section, and select WordPress.

You will have a brand-new WordPress niche site in a matter of minutes after providing all the required information, such as the domain name where you plan to install the CMS and the admin username and password.

Installing the Required Plugins and the Theme

You must install WordPress first, then the theme you chose for it and any required plugins. A premium or free theme can be installed using the WordPress admin panel’s Theme interface.

For cache, SEO, security, and other features you might need, specialized websites frequently use plugins. For more information, see the post we prepared about powerful WordPress plugins.

You can also look at the list of the most often used plugins. While plugins are great, try to limit yourself to the bare minimum.

Plugins use resources; thus, you don’t want to install too many of them. They’ll make your website load slower.

You shouldn’t pick your WordPress theme randomly because it will affect your specialty website’s looks and feels. Skip the free themes. They often have few features, and some even have viruses. I suggest using WordPress Premium Themes for a final product with more functionality and a more professional appearance. With the right strategy, this expense will soon become an investment.

Whatever option you select, make sure your visitors can:

  • Easy access to your material
  • Add an email capture form to your sidebar or the conclusion of your articles to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Messages about your articles
  • Share your material by including social media sharing icons on your website.

WordPress cannot simply be installed automatically with a few mouse clicks. Additionally, you need to install and set up plugins to make the most of your blog’s potential and help you accomplish your objectives more quickly and effectively.

You can set up a ton of plugins for various purposes. But remember that too many plugins can lead to problems and disputes.

For beginners, I advise installing these plugins:

  • Use WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO for search engine optimization.
  • To stop comment spam, use Akismet.
  • WordPress’s Jetpack plugin offers many useful features, such as sharing buttons on posts and the ability to view several statistics.
  • BAckWPup: To prevent a crash from damaging your work. You require a security plugin to prevent data compromise and hacking of your specialized website. We recommend All in One WP Security and Firewall.
  • Contact form 7: This plugin for an email contact form makes it simple for readers to get in touch with you.

Delete the Test Posts and Pages

You can preview example pages, articles, and comments on your website after installing WordPress to see how the text will appear.

Make sure to get rid of these as quickly as you can. Sample pages on your specialized website shouldn’t make you seem inexperienced.

Create the Pages Home, Blog, About, and Content

Create the content for your specialized website right away. Create the homepage and make whatever changes you like. Instead of showing the most recent blog entries on their homepage, most specialty websites employ a static page.

Because it will receive the most traffic to your website, the homepage is crucial. You can make a lot of sales if your homepage is excellent.

You should make the categories and tags you’ll use for your posts. Make sure they are distinct; using the same keywords in categories and tags is neither relevant nor helpful.

Your visitors will feel trusted if your About page is well-designed and extremely professional. People frequently want to know the identity of the person who created the website so they may connect with them. People will assume that your website is unreliable and exists to generate sales if it lacks an About page.

The time has come for you to start producing the content your specialized website requires. Even if we’re talking about comparison charts or review pieces, ensure you produce amazing content that will draw readers and increase revenue.

A niche affiliate site’s main source of income is its content. These are the crucial affiliate links that could result in commission payments for you.

Generally, be careful to produce entertaining, original, and high-quality content. You shouldn’t write articles that anyone may copy and paste onto their website. Additionally, it is crucial to create material for readers rather than search engines.

AI-driven content optimization technologies have become more widespread in recent years. Your articles should accomplish more than simply ticking SEO boxes, even though they are a great addition for a beginner to realize how well optimized your material is.

However, it is still important to write content with your audience in mind, and it should hold your reader’s attention and provide the solutions they require.

This is what will help you gain readers’ trust and loyalty. This is crucial because you shouldn’t be bringing in new customers solely through organic traffic. Additionally, you want to inspire repeat visits from customers who appreciate what you do.

Create Legal Pages for a Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and Privacy Statement

For any website, having legal sections is crucial. You should first demonstrate to your visitors that the website they are on is professional and compliant with all applicable laws.

Additionally, websites must have these kinds of pages by law. Since you won’t be selling anything directly to customers or collecting their personal information, you don’t need any more templates than what you can get online.

Many websites enable you to create your legal pages without cost; the plan is to have them because that is crucial.

Although having a Terms and Conditions agreement (T&C), commonly referred to as a Terms of Service or Terms of Use, is not required by law (including the GDPR) or any other parties, you should still consider incorporating one with your WordPress site.

This is why:

Terms and Conditions agreements can offer many wonderful advantages, such as granting you the power to limit particular website activity and remove abusive users. You can reduce your legal liability as well.

A T&C will be more helpful if your website is more complicated. For instance, if your website allows users to create accounts, publish user-generated content, or sell goods, you’ll need a T&C to regulate how those features and functions are used.

Create Fresh Posts

Your very own niche website is prepared for launch and to draw visitors.

You can begin planning the items you’ll post on your specialized website. On specialized websites, articles serve a more supplementary purpose than an actual sales function.

Your pages are the ones that need to contain the crucial data that generates sales. Articles are useful for increasing SEO traffic and drawing attention to your specialty website.

When your specialty site is up and running, along with your other enterprises, you can aim to produce at least two new articles for your niche site each month. That will guarantee continuous growth, which will greatly benefit you.

The caliber of your content will still determine your success even if you design an awesome website and execute your marketing strategy perfectly. You need to have compelling material that readers will want to share if you want to promote a particular topic. So start writing!


One of the best platforms for your specialized website is WordPress. You can easily learn how to use it, install it, and adjust it to your preferences.

You can also have one of the most secure websites by using a security plugin like All In One WP Security.

Another amazing thing about it is that the procedure gets simpler each time you establish a new WordPress website. Once you’ve done it, it will be much simpler to repeat the process when launching a second specialized website.

With solutions like Jetpack, ManageWP, and InfiniteWP, you can even administer many websites from a single location.

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WordPress Set Up for Niche Website

One of the top Content Management Systems (CMS) available is WordPress. It’s quick, safe, configurable, and easy to use, which makes it a fantastic platform