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Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

You can make a lot of money from your website traffic by using affiliate marketing. However, it’s crucial to identify products that are a good fit for your audience to optimize your earnings.

An affiliate network is the best spot to begin your search. Publishers can access thousands of different brands through affiliate networks. Once you’ve signed up, you may explore a huge selection of affiliate programs and quickly join one when you find a product you want to promote.

Numerous affiliate networks are available, but not everyone will be a good fit for your company. Some people specialize in material things, while others focus on digital ones. Additionally, they differ concerning elements like typical commission rates, payout schedules, and merchant verticals.

We have put together this list of the top affiliate networks on the market to assist you in narrowing your list of alternatives. You may find all the information you require about each one in the sections below.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is certainly one of the best affiliate networks on this list, if not the best on the globe. You can advertise (and make commissions on) practically anything sold on Amazon once you sign up.

There are a lot of possibilities to pick from because Amazon has over 1.9 million sellers and over 12 million products listed. Anything you can think of maybe promoted, including toothbrushes, consumer electronics, and vehicles.

Depending on the category of the goods, commission rates change. For instance, at the time of writing, commissions in direct qualifying purchases of goods in the “Home” category are paid a rate of 7%, those for electronics paid a rate of 3–4%, and video game consoles are paid at a rate of 1%.

The major disadvantage of Amazon Associates is that some categories—like gaming consoles—have very low commission rates compared to those of other affiliate networks.

Although the commission fees are low, the extremely high conversion rates somewhat offset this.

Since Amazon is the most well-known online retailer in the world and accounts for more than 40% of all e-commerce sales in the US, a sizable portion of your target market is probably already familiar with the platform and may even be regular customers. As a result, typical conversion rates are frequently substantially higher than comparable programs.

The use of universal cookies by Amazon Associates is another fantastic feature. Affiliates receive a commission on any item the customer purchases within 24 hours of following their link, including those you are not endorsing.

An illustration would be if you were promoting a fishing kit on your blog and a reader clicked the link but didn’t purchase it. You will still get paid a commission if they purchase something completely unrelated from Amazon a few hours later, such as a washing machine. Nice, huh?

Remember that Amazon Associates has authoritarian rules and regulations, so you’ll need to abide by them before joining. Additionally, you must register for the local Amazon website in each country separately if you wish to monetize foreign traffic (e.g., .com, .co, .uk,, etc.)

Important information

  • Over 1.9 million retailers.
  • Niches/Products: Everything that Amazon sells (physical products)
  • Commission rates range from 1% to 20%, depending on the category of the goods.
  • The window for cookies: 24 hours
  • Payout minimum: $10


The next option is PartnerStack, an all-in-one partnership platform that links publishers and SaaS companies. If you want to sell digital goods, PartnerStack is undoubtedly the finest option.

Compared to the other affiliate networks we’ve looked at, PartnerStack’s platform only contains about 200 merchant programs. The fact that all 200 of these affiliate networks are for SaaS-related items makes a difference, though.

You can promote SaaS solutions in the following ways:

  • CRMs
  • HR solutions
  • marketing items
  • constructing landing pages
  • software for automation
  • Chatbot resources
  • apps for accounting
  • Services for email marketing
  • tools for social media marketing
  • and more!

Some well-known Merchants are Partnerstack, Sprout Social, Unbounce, Keep, Elementor, and Omnisend.

The nicest part of promoting SaaS items is that commission rates are frequently significantly greater than those for selling tangible goods. For instance, you can earn 50% of any new plan purchases you generate if you join Elementor’s program through PartnerStack. Compared to other affiliate networks, this network’s programs often provide rates of between 25 and 50 percent.

Because commission systems can vary, some retailers also offer flat-fee commissions of up to $2,000 per sale in addition to percentage-based commissions.

Important information

  • 200+ merchants in total.
  • SaaS-only niches and products
  • Commission amounts: Vary across sellers (typically between 10 percent and 50 percent)
  • 90-day cookie window
  • Payout minimum: $5

CJ Affiliate

Another incredibly well-known affiliate marketing network is CJ Affiliate. Some of the most well-known retailers in the world, such as Office Depot and Barnes and Noble, are partners with CJ Affiliate. Along with physical goods, they also collaborate with well-known digital goods providers, including Grammarly and Intuit Turbotax.

CJ Affiliate’s platforms generate over 4 million new affiliate partnerships yearly and over $1.8 billion in commissions for their publishers and marketers.

A variety of tools are also included in this affiliate marketing platform to aid in the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns. You can leverage techniques like deep linking, cookieless cross-device tracking, and product widgets to easily improve and track customer journeys. Additionally, you can employ advanced analytics services to enhance your marketing plan.

With CJ Affiliate, getting started is quick and simple. After signing up for free, deal with the merchants of your choice. However, before you can begin advertising a particular merchant, you must first receive their prior approval.

Important information

  • Niches/products: Travel and leisure, home goods, and more. Several digital goods as well.
  • Commission amount: Varies
  • Cookie period: Varies
  • Minimum payout: $50

Rakuten Advertising

A well-known name in affiliate marketing, Rakuten Advertising is the ideal platform for advertisers wishing to promote household names like Walmart, Clarins, and Net-A-Porter.

No matter your industry, Rakuten partners with over 1000 brands, so you can use the site to locate a top-notch affiliate who works for you. Rakuten offers helpful tools in addition to its high-quality brands that can help strengthen and improve interactions between marketers and brands.

For instance, Rakuten recommends appropriate partnerships based on data insights using an AI matchmaking engine. Additionally, they provide a range of commissioning options and generous support to assist publishers in organizing and enhancing their marketing initiatives.

The commission rates and cookie duration brands choose to use with Rakuten are entirely up to them; thus, these numbers fluctuate significantly depending on the businesses you choose to work with. Additionally, the $50 minimum compensation amount is minimal compared to some of its major competitors, making Rakuten a perfect choice for new marketers.

Important information

  • Number of merchants: 1000+
  • Niches/products: Travel, luxury products, beauty and skincare, and more.
  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Cookie window: Varies
  • Minimum payout: $50


Another excellent affiliate network is Evoleads, particularly if you want to market goods for the dating or financial industries.

The affiliate network offers a huge selection of Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL), and Cost Per Sale (CPS) rates across many different business types. Still, their strongest programs tend to be in the financial and adult niches. Consider loans, insurance, and dating websites. Check if your target market will be interested in these kinds of things.

In addition to having larger commission rates than other categories, these products also frequently convert quite well.

We also appreciate Evoleads for their superior support. The affiliate managers at Evoleads will be available to you as soon as you sign up to offer their professional advice and assist you in getting the most out of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Before you may cash out, you must earn at least $10. Payments are issued automatically once per week.

Important information

  • Number of offers: 3,000+
  • Niches/products: Finance, dating, and other niches
  • Commission rate: Varies depending on the merchant
  • Cookie window: Varies depending on the merchant
  • Minimum payout: $10


A well-known affiliate network with a solid reputation among both publishers and marketers is FlexOffers.

Once you sign up, you will access more than 12,000 affiliate programs from large and small brands. There is a wide selection of product offers across several areas, but technology, fitness, and fashion products are particularly good.

You may shop for products from companies like HP, Dell, Nike, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sephora, Samsung, Hulu, and Wayfair on FlexOffers. Through FlexOffers, you may even sign up for Microsoft’s affiliate marketing network.

FlexOffers gives partners all the resources they require, including deep linking, product feeds, reporting tools, and more, to ensure the success of their affiliate marketing programs.

The Flexlinks function can help you save a ton of time. You can input a code snippet to automatically locate unmonetized links to brands and swap them out with your referral links rather than manually establishing them.

Another nice feature is the comparison widget, especially if you blog frequently and publish roundups and product reviews. Compare the costs of the product you’re promoting across all the merchants you’re affiliated with using a table.

You will default be paid for commissions earned 60 days following the month’s end (NET 60). Top-performing affiliates can be eligible for the advanced payments program, allowing you to get paid earlier (either 7 days or 30 days later, rather than 60).

Important information

  • Number of merchants: 12,000+
  • Niches/products: Wide variety of niches (but especially great for technology products)
  • Commission rate: Varies depending on the merchant
  • Cookie window: Varies depending on the merchant
  • Minimum payout: $25


Because it offers a large range of products from various manufacturers, ShareASale is an excellent platform for affiliate marketing because it lets you pick the ideal product for your blog or website.

Additionally, ShareASale offers tools that simplify monitoring your earnings and sales. Any affiliate marketer, whether seasoned or just starting, is welcome to participate.

A fantastic place to start with affiliate marketing is the ShareASale affiliate program. You can be sure to locate a product on the platform that meets your specialty because it features a huge selection of goods from various manufacturers. Additionally, ShareASale offers tools that simplify monitoring your earnings and sales.

ShareASale is a fantastic choice if you are an expert affiliate marketer; they assist you in finding the ideal product for your blog or website, and the platform offers a wide variety of goods from various manufacturers. Additionally, ShareASale offers tools that simplify monitoring your earnings and sales.

Important information

  • Number of merchants: 16,550+
  • Niches/products: Huge range of physical and digital products in 39 different niches.
  • Commission rate: Varies depending on the merchant (typically between 5% and 20%)
  • Cookie window: Varies depending on the merchant
  • Minimum payout: $50


Awin is a well-known brand in the affiliate marketing sector and the parent business of ShareASale, our top choice. The two platforms are extremely similar in terms of functioning and reputation even though they are separate and the most diverse collections of brands and merchants.

Over 16,000 retailers collaborate with Awin, including some of the biggest names in Europe, such as BT Broadband, Marks & Spencer, and ASOS. Awin might be the ideal choice for you if your audience is predominantly outside of the US because it focuses more on brands from Europe and other international regions than ShareASale, which is more US-centric.

The commission rates on Awin vary depending on the company, but generally speaking, most businesses provide commissions of around 5%. The durations of cookies can differ amongst retailers. One positive aspect of Awin is that it has a far lower minimum payment than many other platforms, at just $20.

When deciding whether this is the best affiliate network for you, remember there is a $5 application cost to join as an Awin publisher.

Important information

  • Number of merchants: 16,500+
  • Niches/products: All niches from travel and lifestyle to electronics and utilities
  • Commission rates: Varies
  • Cookie window: Varies 
  • Minimum payout: $20

For marketers that want to promote primarily digital goods and products, Avangate is a perfect option.


Avangate is a specialized affiliate network for digital goods, with affiliates for various software programs, digital goods, online courses, and other things. Avangate collaborates with over 1200 digital retailers, including renowned brands like Manycam, Wondershare, Movavi, Nero, and Mondly.

Avangate also offers a ton of fascinating tools that can be used to enhance conversion rates and optimize the client journey. For instance, to point your customers to the checkout page, employ deep linking. Additionally, you can benefit from functions like comprehensive analytics and localized carts.

The merchant chooses the Avangate commission rate and cookie duration. Cookie windows can range in length from 30 days to 180 days. Although commission rates vary considerably, the majority are between 30 and 50 percent, with some going as high as 75 percent. Once you hit $100, you can also pay out your commissions.

Important information

  • Number of merchants: 1200+
  • Niches/products: Digital goods and software solutions 
  • Commission rates: Varies
  • Cookie window: 30-180 days 
  • Minimum payout: $100


Another affiliate network that is ideal for busy publishers is Skimlinks. Its cutting-edge technology automatically “skims through” your commerce content and inserts affiliate links without involvement.

Publishers used to manually create referral links for their affiliate items and add them to blog posts, social media updates, and other promotional content. Adding links manually to your blog or website is not an option if you’re a large-scale publisher with thousands of pages of material.

The solution is Skimlinks. All you have to do to convert all of your current commerce links to affiliate links on your website is install a small piece of code from Skimlinks.

There are deals from more than 48,500 merchants on the affiliate network, including well-known clothing and beauty retailers like John Lewis, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Saks, Bookoo, and others. Many of the same merchants may be found on other affiliate networks, but because Skimlinks negotiates its special prices, you might be able to make more money with the help of the system.

Important information

  • Number of merchants: 48,500+
  • Niches/products: Wide variety
  • Commission rate: Varies 
  • Cookie window: Varies 
  • Minimum payout: $65

Final Word

Finding an affiliate marketing program that meets your objectives is crucial because there are many excellent ones. You have many options if you’re looking for a free platform to advertise your goods or services and try one of them to find out how easy it is to use and how effective it can be.

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