SEO & Website Video Audits

You don't have to wonder if your site is optimized for Google Search or Paid Advertising.

Get an expert website technical audit of your site recorded on video.

The video is full of actionable recommendations. Make the changes yourself, have your team do them, or ask us how we can help. 

Watch this sample video below!

Get Affordable and Actionable Website Feedback

The 10 to 20 Minute video will cover multiple checkpoints including but not limited to all the following items: 

  • Review of an Ahrefs Report, delivered with a PDF report ($99 Value) 
  • Review and explanation of GTMetrix Report ($75 Value) 
  • Review and feedback on SEO Elements:
    • Meta Titles and Descriptions 
    • Keyword ideas and Content Depth
    • Review of Alt Tags 
    • Review of Favicon
  •  Review of the following website design and content elements
    • CTA clarity and how they stand out
    • The overall design of pages, with a focus on conversions 
    • Input on how the page on desktop and mobile, focusing on content above the fold 
  •  Test forms and other ways to convert, giving feedback on UX 


Me, Leon Hitchens! I am going to perform the audit, giving my feedback and opinions. I share my knowledge that I’ve gained over the years working with B2B enterprises and small businesses. 

I have performed hundreds of SEO and website audits while working with agencies. I have a deep understand of best practices and what doesn’t work. I have over 10 years of experience performing audits and providing feedback to businesses. 

You fill out the form above, pay the fee for either the recorded version or the live screen share. Once you pay, I will get started working on the audit – running the Ahrefs, GTMetrix, and other data reports which will guide the audit. 

After you pay, the audit will take between 3 and 5 days. I will send you the video, Ahrefs PDF, and GTMetrix PDF, along with any notes I have written down.