Digital Marketing Success.

We build productized services and affiliate sites through effective digital marketing techniques. 

Ways to Drive Results

We drive results through repeatable tactics on design, development, paid media, and search engine optimization. Our experience is beyond marketing, it includes business development and sales.  We are passionate about using marketing to attract new customers, enter new markets, and grow – profitability. 

Data Driven


Data drives all decisions and strategies. Leverage the data to make informed judgments on marketing and business.


Dev & Design

Professionally designed websites built on WordPress, which already powers over 43% of the sites online!

Paid Marketing with Results

Deep insights into how to reach customers effectively through paid ads on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and others.

Search Engine


Optimized content to rank on high-value keywords. Research, content development, link building to rank on Google.

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Leon Hitchens was an amazing help with Google Ads. I had a per-per-click campaign running and Leon came in and help double conversions.
Joanthan Dunlap
Small Business Owner
I have worked with Leon for the past few years. He has helped my business grow over the years. I will always recommend Hitchens Ventures to my friends and family!
Gary Willams
Motorworks Engine Repair
Leon and his team are timely, helpful, and always went above and beyond. I can vouch for Leon as helped my business get more sales and customers.
Kyle McDoanld
Small Business Owner

Ventures We Drive with Purpose

Our productized services and affiliate sites. We enjoy exploring a problem and brainstorming solutions to reach the next level of growth! Visit our sites to signup with our services or read one of our sites. 

Technology Review Site

Digital Bounds

Technology Review Site with Affiliate Links
Read Now

Automated Podcast Sites

IronMic Podcasts

Automated Podcast Sites & Hosting Platform
Get a Site

Photography Business

Closing Photography

Real Estate Photography Business
Get Photos


Hitchens Ventures is a collection of brands that offer productized services and affiliate sites under multiple names. We buy 

You can expect to pay between $2,000 – $5,000 for a new website. This includes 5 to 10 pages, a blog, and design of the new website. Projects with e-commerce or custom work will have higher budgets.

You can expect to pay between $750 to $1,500 for monthly management for SEO or PPC. The level of effort, content produced, advertising budget each month, and other factors can increase or decrease the price each month.

Both marketing strategies are effective strategies. With paid marketing you will get immediate response with clicks coming as soon as you start spending money. Organic marketing can take longer to show results or responses. However, long after you’ve stopped doing work you