Building Business with Marketing Strategies at the Core.

Growth First

We develop and incubate companies.

Our marketing strategies are the backbone of these business ventures, helping them reach their maximum success potential.

Creating the best places for entrepreneurs to build their businesses

Our experience in the agency industry has equipped us with effective strategies to guide companies towards growth. We empower business owners to focus on the core aspects of their business by ensuring operational excellence and providing outsourced talented workforce for backend operations.

The growth lead strategies are necessary for sustainable yet rapid business expansion. Key focus areas include branding implementation, marketing funnel development, sales process optimization, and establishing standard operating procedures for operations.

We are

Based in Texas

The ideal place to invest, operate, and live

Meet the Team

The team has decades of successful agency and consulting experience, driving results for small and large organizations.

Leon Hitchens


Joshua Ruskin


Our Ways to Drive Outstanding Results

We drive results through repeatable tactics on design, development, paid media, and search engine optimization. Our experience is beyond marketing, it includes business development and sales. We are passionate about using marketing to attract new customers, enter new markets, and grow profitability.

Data-Driven Strategy
Data drives all decisions and strategies. Leverage the data to make informed judgments on marketing and business.

WordPress Dev & Design
Professionally designed websites built on WordPress, which already powers over 43% of the sites online.

Paid Marketing with Results
Deep insights into how to reach customers effectively through paid ads on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and others.

Search Engine Optimization
Optimized content to rank on high-value keywords. Research, content development, link building to rank on Google.

How We Think

  • We Build Long Term Partnerships
  • We Choose Challenges and Adventures
  • We Operate with Transparency
  • We are Multi-Disciplinary & Process Driven
  • We Develop Culture and Invest in People
  • We are Always Learning & Growing
  • We are Motivated by Impact and not Soley Money
  • We Focus on Families & Balance
  • We up-hold Commitments and Show Empathy
  • We Encourage Creative & Independent Thinking

Ventures We Drive with Purpose

Our businesses, productized services, and startups. We enjoy exploring a problem and brainstorming solutions to reach the next level of growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are always talking to new investment partners. Additional capital raises happen as we approach new business ventures or high-growth phases in a business.

Yes! We are looking for businesses that need unconventional funding or want help marketing. We are looking for businesses with revenue under $1 million a year. The businesses can be brick-and-mortar or online SaaS businesses.

We don’t offer consulting or services directly. You can reach out to one of our service agencies to talk with our team.